Justinien Tribillon

Cécile Trémolières

Offshore Studio (Isabel Seiffert and Christoph Miler)

Narrator and sound design
Pedro Escobar

Scenography and architecture consultants
Caroline Fodor, Adrien Coste, Misia Forlen

Niedermann, St. Gallen

The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment and Migrant Journal

A press file is available to download here, and photographs of the installation can be downloaded here.

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With thanks to
Hashim Sarkis, Ala Tannir, Roi Salguero, Gabriel Kozlowski, Gerardo Ernesto Cejas, Valentina Malossi, Luigi Ricciari, Lisa Fernand, Jacqueline Nelson, Christoph Lindner, Samina Miah, Sian Lunt, Susie Emmett, Claire Colomb, Bob Sheil, Claudio De Magalhaes, Baptiste Léonard, Juliette Cheval, Sébastien Nicot, Nicola Russo.

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